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created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 1

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Strategy description

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  • As name suggests, This strategy will take Entry (Short CE and PE) (Modified Short Strangle) when Bank Nifty is likely to be in NonTrending & NonVolatile Mode, and not moving much. 

As soon as it feels that Bank Nifty is likely to be volatile or trending, it will automatically Exit from trade.

So there can be Multiple Entry and Exits as per Intraday Volatility Spikes,also. 

If you like to be in Middle of Action, this strategy is not for you.

It doesn't have fixed SL or Target, only time based exit is there.

Margin Requirements:

Though it can be run with as small as 25000 capital (Alice Blue 10x leverage plan), 50000 (Alice Blue 5x leverage plan), 70000 (5paisa Titanium Plan with 4x leverage), 1,25,000 (Without leverage)etc. I would suggests to keep 10000 to 15000 extra in account, above margin required to take trade, to handle draw downs. For exact margin requirement, check your broker's margin calculator. Margin Shortage Error can cause Huge Loss in your Account, It is Advisable to keep an eye on your account if Deployed Live.

About Scaling Up:

Above margin requirements are for 1x deployment, suppose you are having Alice Blue 10x plan and wants to trade with 1,00,000 capital, you can deploy strategy on 4x multiplier, for 2,00,000 capital on 8x, for 2,50,000 capital on 10x, like that. Similarly, suppose having 5 paisa Titanium plan with 4x leverage, for you to deploy this strategy on 10x multiplier requires 7,00,000 capital in your account.(This is just Explanation, Exact Amount YOU will have to know from your broker YOURSELF) Whatever amount required to deploy as advised by your Broker, Keep Buffer of 15% At least in your account as I said earlier also.

It is advisable to run on at least 3x Multiplier!

I am not Sebi registered adviser, so deploy this strategy on paper trade first, then if you are comfortable with Profit & Loss , then only deploy Live after knowing it's nature and risk involved with it. I am not responsible for your loss incurred by this strategy if any. 

Result Expectation:

Goal of this Strategy is to achieve 8-12% net(means excluding all brokerage and taxes) ROI month on month basis! (This means yearly 96-144%, and with compounding; it can be more)

And for this to Achieve, you have to Stick to the Strategy after Deploying without worrying much in between(on Draw down Days especially) and Let Strategy Do its Work for you! If you are going to jump from one strategy to other, it's going to be very difficult for you to get desired results from trading in General!

I will make Fixed Fee and Profit Sharing in Future, but as Introductory Offer, this month only 5% profit sharing will be there on Gross Profit(without deducting Brokerage and Taxes).

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