created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 8

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 8

Hagrid 2.0 ( Live auto deployment only)  (9 subscribers)

by:  Chetan

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Strategy description

This strategy is only for LIVE AUTO deployment for ALICEBLUE, ZERODHA and FYERS .


For all other brokers kindly subscribe to    ( Hagrid Index option writing Day trading)

To check daily p&L kindly refer to older version at

paper trading is not possible in this advanced version hence tradetron can't generate equity graph correctly

Hagrid and Hagrid 2.0 are the same strategy but the only difference is Broker's execution method.

Profit will be calculated only after deducting transaction  cost . E.g Gross profit 60,000/month and transaction cost 650/per day than 650* 22 trading day =14,300 . Net profit =45,700 . So profit sharing @ 15% of 45,700= 6,855

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Margin Calculated as per ALICEBLUE 5x leverage = 150k

for zerodha 2.5x = 300k

For ALICEBLUE and FYERS users, don't use desktop and mobile terminal if you are deploying strategy LIVE.

it causes the error in order execution.  You can use a web based terminal to monitor trade.

About Strategy

Hagrid 2.0 analyzes the market till 10 am and sells options between  10-11:30  as per pre defined criteria. 

New Margin Requirement wef 1st June 2020. 1,50,000 margin ( 5x leverage from broker)

Total margin includes Max DD of 39k ( continue loss 6 days) and single a day highest loss of 19k.

Below are the statistics of strategy .

1  Yearly return as below

       2017        208%

       2018       182 %

       2019       314 %

       2020      172% ( till July 20)  below statistics as on 04th August 20

you can track below statistics always @

2.  Back test period of more than 4 years .

3. On average monthly profit is 40,000 . Max monthly profit 1,00,920 and min monthly profit 17,400 . It never ended in loss on a monthly basis.

4. MAX DD is 49,000 ( continue for 7 days so don't panic)

5. Single highest loss is 19,000.

6 . Single day Highest profit is 58,400

7. For calculation purposes I have not taken March-20 as it was too volatile a month and most brokers have stopped MIS orders . For record ,      March-20 is best performing month with 313,000 profit( yes you read it right)

8. Calculation of profit include slippages and Brokerage cost ( assuming you have discount broker with 20/order or less brokerage)

9 . In testing with trade tron platform ,it was observed that max it took 10 seconds to execute order so slippages is much better compare to actual back testing but for more safer side i have taken max

10. Win % (63.13) Loss % ( 36.87)