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Strategy description

Keep Calm.
Invest in Kinetic.


1.We are given to understand ZERODHA is trying to resolve the un-blocking of Deep OTM  options.  Till this is not done, we recommend clients to shift to another broker or pause their execution of KINETIC or stop their trading .  It is your hard-earned money, let's treat it well )

2. Due to surge in margin requirements from time to time, Recommended capital is 4 lacs)

Kinetic is built on Weekly Index Options and trades on Bank Nifty weeklies at the moment.  The same strategy which we offer to large institutions and proprietary desks are now available for individuals.

Kinetic's Reward to Risk Ratio is greater than 3:1.  The system has been piloted in live market for 6 months. 

The strategy is a mixture of multiple strategies which are complementary to each other.  This increases our chances of success.

Some of the unique features of the system are:

a) In-built Regime switch between Non-Trending and Trending Market.  Adapts to current market conditions.

b) Dynamic (Volatility - based) Position Sizing

c) Always hedged positions allow for lesser volatility of returns and lower draw-downs.  Intraday positions are also hedged.  . 

d) Consistent Performer - 90% Months are positive (i.e. 43 out of 48 months in Back-testing period)

e) When Non-Trending Mode is on, 4-legged spread positions will be created.  When Trending Mode is on, we will be long call or long put.

f) Apart from generating absolute returns, may be used to hedge existing MF or Equity Investments