1. Smart Disha NIFTY Options Master Trust EVERGREEN*

Created By: SmartDisha ALGO
Deployed By: Tradetron

Strategy Link: https://www.tradetron.tech/strategy/20794

Subscribers: 31

Rating: 5

Tags Directional
Margin 37,700
Exchange NFO


ACTUAL FUND REQUIRED WITHOUT MARGIN:  17700 ( So, manage Margin as per your broker's limit available status) 

All wants easy money in a short span of time and without effort or less effort. During this process, generally few gets success and maximum lose money. So, taking into account of all factors of you all, SmartDisha ALGO presents one such trading strategy on NIFTY option. This is an Intraday – buy only strategy on NIFTY Index options. All positions will be square off by 1510 hrs. No positions will be carry forward for next day. This strategy has well defined Target , stop loss and trailing stop parameters. It's a directional strategy moves along with trend. It's an intraday strategy which long (buy) NIFTY CALL or PUT at the beginning of the day. If the trend favors the position, it will add one more position to it to it. If not, at a certain point move, it will close the earlier position and take position in the reverse trend. Let me explain with an example., If it has bought 1 lot of NIFTY ATM CALL and market goes up, it will long (buy) 1 more lot. If it goes down, it will square off the CALL and long (buy) the PUT. So, it starts trade with 1 lot of CALL or PUT. Then based on movement in NIFTY spot price, strategy does position sizing.

 If you are new, you can sign up here to start ALGO with tradetron  https://bit.ly/2Jdfjma

Unique features of this strategy ?

✅ Option Trading starts with low capital requirement

✅ Any new comers can deploy this without even basic knowledge

✅ It has a well defined risk on principal capital

✅ Client need to maintain minimum capital always.

✅ Fund mentioned here is without leverage. However, one can run this stgy with only 4K with 5 times leverage margin limit. 

✅ There is a high potential for benefit. 

✅ You can deploy & reactivate at anytime. It will work. However, let the strategy run as per it's plan. 

✅ Option Trading has risk, but, it's always limited. Need not to monitor account daily. Let's see profit in end of Month.

Special Note: This is strategy exclusively made for Master Trust Clients with NRML order execution

However, it will work for other brokers also and will take NRML ( Normal order instead of MIS) order.

For Master Trust, don't use web based login during trading hrs, if using Master Mobile, never logout during trading hrs .  For other Broker related issues contact Trade Tron.


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1. Smart Disha NIFTY Options Master Trust EVERGREEN*  https://www.tradetron.tech/strategy/20794&ref=drsubhransusekharjena 

Fund Management Plan: 


      If you have 1 Lakh Fund, then deploy Bank Nifty Silver @1X ( 15K), Nifty Silver @1X (15K), Nifty GOLD @1X (30K), Option Master Trust Evergreen @1X ( 20 K NRML Order)  20 K keep in spare or deploy Cash Stgy @1X.


      If you have 2.5 Lakh Fund, then deploy Bank Nifty Silver @1X ( 55K), Nifty Silver @1X (55K), Nifty GOLD @1X (110K), Option Master Trust Evergreen @1X ( 20 K NRML Order)  10 K keep in spare or deploy Cash Stgy @1X.

For any query, you can contact [email protected] or 9408856780  Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Jena

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Risk Disclaimer :-

SmartDisha ALGO Trading means not a money machine, it is helpful to avoid emotions, follow rules, money management and quick trade executions in multiple accounts. There will be downside as well as upside only need to stay stick with strategy. In SmartDisha ALGO Trading there may be slippage, error in terminal or any technical issue. It is 100% fully automated trading closely monitored by the stgy creator. However, you are advised to keep a watch over the account to monitor any significant deviation. 

I am not a SEBI registered analyst. NO claims, rights reserved. I am not responsible for your profit or loss.

Disclaimer : These results are based on simulated or paper trading or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.

Capital 37.7 K
PNL -7.7 K
Drawdown 53.96%
Std Deviation 1.09%
Sharpe Ratio -0.79
Month PNL PNL %
Jun, 20 1.1 K 2.92
Jul, 20 1.6 K 4.36
Aug, 20 -11.8 K -31.36
Sep, 20 1.4 K 3.77